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Self Scare
Illustrated by Dan Sevcik

Have you ever wondered how horror icons prepare themselves for the month of October?
With self-care of course! Or should I say...self scare. I crack myself up!

Self Scare_Pennywise.png


Even killer clowns need to take time to relax and unwind. Pennywise can't be showing up to eat some kids without his hair being curled to absolute perfection!

Self Scare_Michael Myers.png


Mike is about to have another busy Halloween stalking Laurie Strode. Before he does, a quick face mask helps to ensure he maintains his ghastly pale complexion. He wouldn't want to return to Haddonfield looking any less than perfect!

Self Scare_Jason-1.png


Nature can take its toll on you...especially if you're constantly hiding in dirty lake water! There's nothing Jason finds more relaxing than a soothing bubble bath to help replenish his withered skin before murdering some more happy campers!

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