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dan is a graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art, with a BFA in Animation. His undergraduate efforts earned him the Cleveland Institute of Art Award for Excellence in Animation during both his sophomore, and junior years.

Dan began his career working as a motion graphics animator, contributing to a wide variety of video projects, including both animation and live-action. Through these projects, Dan quickly became adept in editing and post production. His love of filmmaking also led him to work as a production assistant on several local independent film sets.


Dan currently works as a producer at Cloudco Entertainment, where he produces, directs, writes, and storyboards original content for beloved brands such as Care Bears™ and Madballs™. Dan most recently produced animated shorts featuring the Halloween themed Care Bear, Trick-or-Sweet Bear! 

With a passion for fun, engaging stories, leading creative teams, and collaborating with storytellers, animators, and filmmakers, Dan continues to seek new ways to challenge himself and gain further television and film experience.


Fun facts about Dan!

  •  Avid viewer of horror films 

  • Life-long Scooby Doo fan

  • Caretaker of 18 house plants

  • Allergic to gluten (he manages)

  • Loves reviewing movies on the Letterboxd app

  • Enjoys interior design + thrifting

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